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Same Day Crowns Jul 22nd, 2019

Are same day crowns a viable option? To answer this question lets look at a few key points.   Is their enough healthy tooth structure to support a crown?  Think of tooth structure as foundation for a house. If the foundation is questionable the house will have problems.  The image...

Non surgical Root Canal Therapy aka “The root Canal” Jun 19th, 2019

Almost every American will experience some dental discomfort in their lifespan.  Root canal therapy is often misunderstood. In this blog I will share some of my experiences over the past ten years.   When bacteria reaches your dental nerve the body creates an inflammatory response.  Each person is unique but...

Emergency Tooth Pain Jun 14th, 2019

Look at the lower left side. One tooth is laying down.  This wisdom tooth has caused irreversible tooth decay on the second molar.  Extracted these non-restorable teeth with “NO Sedation, NO Narcotics” Sterile Surgical procedures at Leesville Dental Studio.  Come experience the difference.  

Wisdom Teeth Removal Raleigh North Carolina Jun 12th, 2019

Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not?  When I examine someone for wisdom teeth removal here are a few key points.  Age: The sweet time to remove wisdom teeth is between 16-29.   As we get older the teeth are more encased in the bone. This may...

Thinking outside the box! Saving a good crown Jun 9th, 2019

  What inspires creativity in Dentistry?  Since I moved to Raleigh and left the Army I no longer have to conform to certain standards.  I am intrigued by the men’s revolutionary hair style movement.       If the acclaimed Mullet Style can undergo a transformation I should also re-examine...

Zoom Whitening Jun 5th, 2019

What’s up Raleigh!!!!  There has always been a lot of buzz about Tooth Whitening.  Its quite popular for many reason. In this piece I will talk about the pros and cons of teeth whitening.      Public Perception:  Whiter teeth makes you standout, and more confident.  There is no right...

Wisdom Teeth Removal at Leesville Dental Studio Jun 2nd, 2019

Wisdom Teeth can cause tooth decay, be a source of periodontal pathogens, and can cause acute pain. The younger you are the easier they are to remove and heal from. See the cases below completed at Leesville Dental Studio.        Check out the lower right molar!    ...

Cosmetic Dentistry For Function Versus Esthetics Jun 1st, 2019

This patient tried an implant in the missing space and it failed.  Implants are not a slam dunk treatment option for every case.  In this case the bone width and length have shrunk.  Patient wanted a quick option to restore function and esthetics to his front teeth.   I decided...

Oil Pulling Apr 8th, 2019

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Cracked Tooth – Restored with Biomimetic Restoration Apr 8th, 2019

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Wisdom Teeth – Do they need to come out? Apr 2nd, 2019

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Welcome to our blog! Mar 7th, 2019

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