Cosmetic Dentistry For Function Versus Esthetics

This patient tried an implant in the missing space and it failed.  Implants are not a slam dunk treatment option for every case. 

In this case the bone width and length have shrunk.  Patient wanted a quick option to restore function and esthetics to his front teeth.   I decided to fabricate a prosthesis that would replace the missing bone with “pink porcelain”.  

This prosthesis was fabricated to create a life like smile replacing bone and restoring anterior function and esthetics. 

This is a functional cosmetic case.  If I had the option to change the entire anterior segment I could have matched all the shapes, colors, and forms to be in harmony.  This patient was extremely happy.  No surgery and the turn around time was 12 weeks.  It takes time for the tissue to adapt to prosthesis. I usually prolong the temporary phase to make sure the tissue and prosthesis is in harmony.  

The next case is a pure esthetic case. This patient has congenital missing lateral (Front Teeth). However he has a had a partial denture for the last 5 years. He likes it but is getting tired of it.  His partial denture maintains function and adequate esthetics.  He wanted a permeant solution without surgery.  The photo was taken without his partial denture.  To place implants would require > 1 year treatment time to create space for them.  Patient elected to have Cantilever Prosthetic Bridge.  



Temporary crowns Adjusted


Here is the final product.  


There are many solutions to address functional and cosmetic concerns.  If your looking to give your smile a “POP” come to Leesville Dental Studio for a complimentary evaluation.    

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