Same Day Crowns

same day!

Are same day crowns a viable option? To answer this question lets look at a few key points.  

Is their enough healthy tooth structure to support a crown?  Think of tooth structure as foundation for a house. If the foundation is questionable the house will have problems. 

The image below shows a case from 2016.  This patient’s dentist felt that after removing the tooth decay a same day crown will be the best option.  

Tooth with large dental decay

The crown is ready to go.


same day crown

Fast forward to 2019, and this patient comes to see me with a different situation. 


Broken Same Day Crown

The crown and much of the tooth structure has broken. The foundation was never secure.   

I removed the tooth for this patient, and replaced the void with a bone graft.  He will receive an implant in two months.   

Its not the technology alone that makes dentistry successful, it experience as well!

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Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran DDS, MS 

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