Thinking outside the box! Saving a good crown


What inspires creativity in Dentistry?  Since I moved to Raleigh and left the Army I no longer have to conform to certain standards.  I am intrigued by the men’s revolutionary hair style movement.      

If the acclaimed Mullet Style can undergo a transformation I should also re-examine my ideas.    

Here we go! This patient had a crown placed 6 months ago.  He started to have pain and it became worse over a few months.  He came to see me for a second opinion.  After a few tests it was determined that the nerve was inflamed. I proposed a non -surgical root canal treatment and mentioned that I might have to replace the crown.  

I finished the root canal in two visits.  The patient felt much better and all his symptoms had resolved.   To access the nerve thru the crown was a challenge.  

After I finished I had an epiphany moment.   Can I make a porcelain block to restore this space, without removing the crown? I contacted several Key opinion leaders.  They were baffled by my requests.  The consensus answer was your treading in uncharted waters. Which means their is no research to back your idea.  There comes a point that if you use sound mechanical principals you make it work.  

I went with my gut and fabricated a porcelain block to match the access hole in the existing crown.   I was so confident in my work I gave my patient a 10 year (No questions asked) warranty on it.            

 Check out the results : The light highlights the porcelain block cemented in the existing crown. 

My name is Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran. If you are looking for a dentist that “thinks outside the box” and thinks about your particular situation – come see me at Leesville Dental Studio. 

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