Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal At Leesville Dental Studio

 Almost every week I will be in a conversation about wisdom teeth.  I often get involved in a discussion where an individual will say "my wisdom teeth have never bothered me so I dont need them out."  Some people are staunch in their opinion, while others would like to hear what I have to say.  After about 10 years of practicing and removing wisdom teeth I have come up with some valuable suggestions.  Here are my top ten reasons to have your wisdom teeth evaluated:

10. They may not have to be removed.  

9.  The golden window of removal has passed and its not worth the risk.  

8.  You may have tooth decay on your wisdom teeth.  

7.  Your wisdom teeth maybe causing tooth decay on the adjacent teeth.  

6.  There is a cyst growing around the wisdom teeth.

5. The position of the wisdom teeth is likely to cause tooth decay in the future.  

4.  You wisdom teeth have severe decay on them and the longer you wait more complications are likely.   

3.  You are in the golden window (16-25) to have your wisdom teeth removed.  

2.  You could have peridontal disease around the wisdom teeth, which makes the rest of the mouth susceptible to peridontal disease.    

1.  Antibiotics, and Pain Medications wont stop the pain.

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