Wisdom Teeth Removal and bone fill

The sweet spot to have your wisdom teeth removed is between 18-25 year old. If the surgery is done well, the space left remaining will have bone stimulated and developed within 6 months of removal.   If you have your wisdom teeth removed after the age of 35, it will take twice as the amount of time for bone to be stimulated.  This is important because residual third molar defects can cause periodontal disease.

Wisdom teeth removal is not a scary process.  Most of the time the teeth are surgically removed or adjusted to facilitate their removal from a tight space.  Watch this video to see real cases at Leesville Dental Studio.     

Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran , DDS, MS Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran is a comprehensive dentist that works at Leesville Dental Studio.

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