Wisdom Teeth Removal at Leesville Dental Studio

Wisdom Teeth can cause tooth decay, be a source of periodontal pathogens, and can cause acute pain. The younger you are the easier they are to remove and heal from. See the cases below completed at Leesville Dental Studio.     


Check out the lower right molar!



The lower right molar is laying flat, and has the potential to cause tooth decay. This was a tough case to remove the roots without nerve damage.  See the results!

The Upper Right Maxillary Molar was displaced toward the roof of the mouth. I had to carefully reposition it toward the cheek and than remove it.  

Leesville Dental Studio uses single use oral surgical burs, separate sterile water source, and follows CDC infection control protocol for Oral Surgical Procedures. 

Leesville Dental Studio’s front line pain medication therapy is NSAIDS.  In rare occasions we may prescribe a Narcotic to manage dental pain.  

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