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Do your wisdom teeth need to be removed or not? 

When I examine someone for wisdom teeth removal here are a few key points. 

Age: The sweet time to remove wisdom teeth is between 16-29.   As we get older the teeth are more encased in the bone. This may require more surgical time.  The younger you are the easier the teeth are to be removed. If you have decay on your wisdom teeth it maybe better to remove the wisdom teeth.  In some situations the decay maybe small and easily restored with a filling.  If the decay reaches the nerve it could cause nerve pain. 

Root canal anatomy is atypical and not predictable.  

Imagine trying to locate all those canals! 

1. Oral Hygiene: Sometimes wisdom teeth can be a bacteria trap because of their position.

Wisdom Teeth - After

Look at the lower left tooth.  There is a cystic space and the position of the teeth make it difficult for a tooth brush head to clean.  Below I will show you an example of what  wisdom teeth can do to healthy adjacent teeth.

Notice the decay on the second molar.   To fix this situation I had to remove the wisdom tooth, and do a root canal on the second molar. I also had to crown lengthen the second molar.  If the wisdom tooth had been removed during the “sweet period” this costly dental treatment could have been avoided.   

When should you keep your wisdom teeth? 

  1. If they are functional and cleanable. 
  2. If you are over 35 and they are asymptomatic with no tooth decay. 
  3. If they are fully impacted and not juxtaposed against adjacent teeth.  

There are variables in both situations.  For an evaluation of your wisdom teeth contact Dr. Vejay K. Ravindran at Leesville Dental Studio.  I will evaluate your wisdom teeth, discuss the risks, benefits and alternatives, and explain the pros and cons of wisdom teeth removal.  At my practice I would perform the treatment and provide follow up care if required.  About me:  I have been practicing Comprehensive Dentistry for over ten years. I completed a Two Year Advanced Education in General Dentistry. I was trained by Oral Maxillofacial surgeons to diagnose, treat and manage oral surgery treatment, complications, and trauma.  I have removed over 10,000 wisdom teeth. I have served as an oral surgery mentor in dental residencies, and spoken at national and local dental meetings.  

I look forward to meeting you!! All the photos in my blogs are my actual cases. I borrowed the Root Canal anatomy photo.

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