Zoom Whitening

What’s up Raleigh!!!!  There has always been a lot of buzz about Tooth Whitening.  Its quite popular for many reason. In this piece I will talk about the pros and cons of teeth whitening.   


Public Perception: 

Whiter teeth makes you standout, and more confident.  There is no right or wrong answer here. What makes someone standout is their hard work and skill set.  Having whiter teeth may boost your appearance much like a cool outfit, funky hairstyle, or well groomed beard.   There are no rules out there.

Hair styles are spunkier than ever before


The “Man Beard” has become increasingly popular 

The question is are you conscious of your teeth? Are your teeth in good alignment, but you don’t like the color of your teeth? If the answer is yes to good alignment, no dental cavities, no periodontal disease than teeth Whitening maybe “your calling”.

Why did I mention Dental Cavities, and Periodontal Disease? There are many “take home whitening kits”.  None of them address Dental Caries, or Periodontal disease.  These take home kits are affordable because you skip the dentist.  

At Leesville Dental Studio we back “Phillips Zoom Technology”.  A light activated bleaching system.  

Phillips is the maker of the sonic care toothbrush. Their whitening technology has been around and tested for over ten years.  How many companies can claim this? 

Check this case out from earlier today.  This patient was diagnosed Cavity free, and no periodontal disease.  He wanted his teeth whitened to stand out during his weeding next month.  After  one hour check out the difference.   

I like this case because it shows the limitation of teeth whitening. Impregnated stains, hereditary enamel defects cant be whitened.  However this technology can improve the hue, and saturation of colors from its propriety technology.  This patient was blown away with the results. One hour, no anesthesia, and his teeth have been lightened 6 shades..     We provide a take home relief gel, in the rare case of sensitivity.  Call us today to be your dental provider!!!

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