Restorative Dentistry



Restorative Dentistry

Are you suffering from infected, missing, or damaged teeth? We can help. We provide a variety of restorative treatments to turn back the clock on your smile and restore your oral health. You shouldn’t have to settle for a smile that isn’t functioning at its best. Please contact our office to book your restorative consultation!


i have a persistent toothache

I am sorry to hear that you have dental pain. The good news is that we can help treat the problem. Dr. Vejay Ravindran will first determine if the tooth can be saved, and then he will develop a treatment plan. Dr. Ravindran has extensive experience in managing, treating, and diagnosing acute and chronic pain conditions. Dr. Ravindran served as an endodontist and oral surgery specialist for two years out of his Army Career. See cases below completed by Dr. Ravindran (Theses are not stock photos or third-party cases, they are actual cases completed in our office).


which treatment do i need?

Wondering which treatment fits your needs? Take a look at our restorative services. It’s important to remember that you will still need to schedule a consultation because we won’t be able to recommend an exact treatment without a proper examination. However, we hope that this can give you some insight as to which treatments might best suit your specific dental concerns!


Leesville dental studio is now offering iv sedation!

We want our patients to feel comfortable at ease while they’re with us. If you have dental anxiety or you’re undergoing a complex dental procedure, we provide IV sedation to send you into a state of relaxation during your treatment. We have received extensive training to administer IV sedation both safely and effectively!


i have a cavity

Cavities often leave divots in the tooth. After we remove the decay, we reshape the sunken area with a tooth-colored filling. Fillings seal the tooth and help prevent future decay. One of the many benefits of the composite resin material we use is that we can match the color of the filling to the shade of your teeth so that it blends in seamlessly with your smile.


i have missing teeth

If you have one missing tooth or multiple missing teeth in a row, you may benefit from our custom-fitted dental bridges. A dental bridge is a prosthesis with dental crowns on each end that attach to existing teeth on both sides of the gap. Once the bridge is in place, it has natural-looking replacement teeth that fill in the space left behind.

We can replace a partial or full arch of teeth with dentures. Dentures have an acrylic, gum-colored base with false (but natural-looking) teeth attached. Unlike what you see in the movies, dentures are now more comfortable and life-like than ever before. Our custom-made dentures fit snugly on the gumline and stay in place with the help of extra-strength adhesive. We can also fit a denture to snap onto implants.


i have a weak or cracked tooth

Dental crowns are a versatile restorative treatment that can correct a variety of dental issues. From cracked to weakend to severely discolored teeth, crowns completely cap an existing tooth. We fabricate crowns to look similar to your natural teeth and match the ceramic color to the shade of your teeth. Most people won't be able to tell the difference between your crown and your existing teeth.


i have severely damaged or decayed tooth

Root canal therapy is one of the best options for preserving a natural tooth. Using a small entry point at the top of the tooth, we can remove damaged pulp inside the tooth's canals. After the pulp is removed, we disinfect the tooth and use gutta percha to fill in the empty space and prevent future infection. After the root canal is complete, we seal the entry point and place a dental crown over the tooth for additional protection.


my wisdom teeth are causing problems

Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that erupt between the ages of 15 to 25. While some wisdom teeth come in easily, it's not uncommon for them to get stuck under the gums, crowd other teeth, or come in at an angle. We perform gentle wisdom teeth removal to safeguard your oral health and prevent dental issues down the line.


i have a clicking jaw

TMD (temporomandibular disorder) happens when there are issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJs). Your TMJs are the joints that connect your jaw to your skull and allow it to move up and down and side to side. We can create custom oral appliances to reposition your jaw and give you the relief you deserve. Wondering if you have TMD? Here are some of the most common signs:

- Tenderness in Jaw
- Frequent Headaches
- Pain Around Ears
- Pain When Chewing or Yawning
- Lockjaw
- Difficulty Opening or Closing Your Mouth
- Clicking or Popping with Jaw Movement

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