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You might think the primary purpose of your biannual visit to Leesville Dental Studio is to have your teeth cleaned, and although that is important, the dedicated team also uses your visits to their Raleigh, North Carolina, office to take preventive measures that protect your health. Each visit includes an oral cancer screening. To learn more about this portion of your appointment and how it saves lives, call them or schedule your appointment online.

Oral Cancer Screening Q & A

What is an oral cancer screening?

Oral cancer is more common than you might think. In fact, over 40,000 people get diagnosed with this cancer each year. But there is good news. Detecting oral cancer early gives patients the best chance at effective treatment. That’s why Leesville Dental Studio includes an oral cancer screening each time you visit. 

This preventive measure is meant to look for any signs of oral cancer. This cancer usually appears as a sore or growth on your lips, cheeks, tongue, or anywhere else on your mouth or in your throat. 

During each visit to Leesville Dental Studio, including your biannual teeth cleanings, you get checked for any signs of cancer. Your Leesville Dental Studio practitioner will quickly and effectively check inside your mouth, the inside of your nose, your lips, your neck, and your face for any abnormalities. 

What happens if the team sees something during my oral cancer screening?

If your Leesville Dental Studio practitioner does see something out of the ordinary during your oral cancer screening, they’ll help you with the next steps of the process. Specifically, they refer you to an otorhinolaryngologist or an ear, nose, and throat (ENT) doctor. This specialist biopsies (i.e., surgically removes) the abnormality spotted during your oral cancer screening. 

The biopsied tissue is then sent to a lab for further analysis. This way, you get a comprehensive diagnosis so you can either rest easy, knowing it was benign, or begin treatment right away when it is most effective. 

Who gets oral cancer?

Cancer can affect anyone in any season of life, but certain factors can put you at a greater risk for oral cancer. If you want to minimize your risk for oral cancer, there are a few things you can do:

  • Stop smoking and stop using smokeless tobacco products (e.g., chewing tobacco). 
  • Be sun safe. Use sunscreen whenever you’re in the sun and don’t forget to cover the often-forgotten parts of your face, like the area around your lips and under your eyes, your ears, and where your hair parts. 
  • Consume alcohol in moderation. 

Leesville Dental Studio cares about your overall health. That’s why they include this quick but effective preventive measure in each appointment. To schedule your visit with their dedicated team, call them or book it online.